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Brothers of the Chi Chapter in front of the house after dinner with President of Purdue University Mitch Daniels, with the Kappa Sigma "P".

Fall '14 Recruitment

Rush at the Kappa Sigma Fraternity allows potential members to meet many of our active brothers, receive house tours, hear what being part of our brotherhood is all about, and ask any questions that he may have. We will outline our four pillars: Leadership, Fellowship, Scholarship, and Service and explain how each is an integral part of becoming a Kappa Sigma.
For more information about Rush including dates, times, and locations of events, click here.


Greek Ladders


We're now connecting our members to jobs and internships!
I am pleased to share that we have become a founding¬Ě chapter member with Greek Ladders, a new company created to give students a competitive advantage in the areas of job-seeking and career advancement. Owned by three Kappa Sigma brothers, Greek Ladders links students with employers to create outstanding internship and full-time employment connections.

The Greek Ladders website will feature leadership development and career preparation resources. Taking the form of webinars, videos, podcasts, and tutorials, these resources can be utilized by our members to enhance their profiles and learn new skills, thus making us more appealing to prospective employers.

Greek Ladders is not designed just for students. Our alumni and parents either own or are employed by businesses which are seeking greater exposure and/or new leaders. The interns or employees they're seeking may either come from our chapter or from chapters located across the country. When alumni and parents register in the Greek Ladders network, they can receive access to each student in the network.

As a founding chapter, we have been given special, complimentary access into the network. This allows our members, alumni, and parents to register for free. Each alumnus and parent will receive an invitation via email, which will provide the proper links and information. In the meantime, you are encouraged to learn more about the opportunities, by visiting the Greek Ladders website located at

We are really excited about what Greek Ladders brings to our chapter. Not only will this become a strong recruitment tool, it will give our members a big leg up as the undergraduates move towards graduation.

Chi Alumni

If you are a Chi alumnus, please take time to update your profile. Your information will then be added to the chapter's own online directory, a valuable resource to help you keep in touch with your brothers. For security purposes this directory is only made available to Chi members. We also encourage you to visit the rest of the Alumni section and the Events area, where you can RSVP for upcoming fraternity gatherings.

This website is always under development and updated frequently, so please email us with any questions, critiques, or input. Together we hope to make this site better and easier to utilize in the future.