Executive Committee

Grand Master
Mark Tardy ‘21

Hi, my name is Mark Tardy. I’m a Junior from Middletown, New Jersey studying Accounting and Finance. I am a part of the Fall ‘21 pledge class and have the honor of serving as Grand Master for the 2023-24 academic year. As a member of Kappa Sigma, I have learned that brotherhood and leadership are the pillars that shape our fraternity. Throughout my time in Kappa Sigma, I have witnessed the power of unity and camaraderie that comes from belonging to a close-knit community. Together, we strive for excellence in both academic and personal endeavors, supporting each other's growth and development. As Grand Master, my goal is to uphold the values and traditions of Kappa Sigma while fostering a new era of great men that want to continue to steer our chapter in the right direction for years to come. I believe that through strong leadership, we can make a lasting impact not only within our fraternity but also on our campus and community. 

I am excited to work with my fellow Executive Committee and brothers on this journey of growth, service, and brotherhood. Together, we will continue to build upon the legacy of Kappa Sigma and create meaningful experiences that will shape our lives for years to come. Roll Chi and AEKDB.

Grand Procurator

Jake Lemieux ‘21

My name is Jake Lemieux. I’m from Fishers, Indiana where I attended Hamilton Southeastern High School. I am part of the Fall ‘21 pledge class, and I’m going into my third year of mechanical engineering. This summer, I will be interning for a design firm called IMEG in Indianapolis where I hope to grow my knowledge and gain work experience in my field of study. I am very passionate about Kappa Sigma and its members, so I am extremely excited and grateful to have the opportunity of serving the Chi Chapter as the Grand Procurator. Throughout my term, I plan to foster a culture of unity, brotherhood, and excellence. I will actively engage with the members of our chapter, ensuring that all voices are heard and all ideas are valued. I will work to improve and maintain our inclusive and supportive environment where every brother can thrive academically, socially, and personally. I am eager to implement innovative improvements for our various committees and programs that will enhance our chapter's reputation on campus and in the community. I will work closely with this new executive board and our committees to organize impactful philanthropic events, professional development opportunities, and memorable social activities. I will emphasize fostering a sense of brotherhood and building strong relationships with alumni, so we can continue to leave a lasting legacy that future generations of Kappa Sigmas will be proud to carry forward. I believe that with the help of this executive committee and all our members, we will elevate to new heights and ensure that our chapter remains a beacon of excellence.

Grand Master of Ceremonies

Alexander Kapala '21

Hi, my name is Alex Kapala and I am a junior studying marketing with a concentration in data analytics. I am from Lombard, IL and I am part of the fall 2021 pledge class. One of the best decisions of my life has been rushing and being initiated into the Chi Chapter of Kappa Sigma. While living in the house as a sophomore, I got to watch the older brothers run the chapter and was immediately inspired to run for a leadership position. I had previously been involved in the rush and social committee and have been interested in the ritual. I am dedicated to using my prior knowledge and expertise to better the chi chapter through my time as a grand master of ceremonies. My biggest goal is to build the biggest fall pledge class this chapter has seen and mentor them through their journey to becoming brothers. I believe that the best way to keep the chapter alive is by inspiring the younger brothers and instilling a good culture in the house. I look forward to a great year, AEKDB.

Grand Scribe

Austin Springer '21 

My name is Austin Springer, I am a Junior studying Supply Chain Management with a concentration in Marketing. I am from Fishers, IN and I have grown up here my entire life. I am part of the Fall ‘21 pledge class. On the EC, I plan to make sure we are better connected with our alumni and always keep our HQ up to date with what is going on in the house. This is my main goal as a new member of EC because keeping a strong relationship with alumni ensures a lasting legacy for the chapter. I plan to actively engage with brothers in our chapter in order to make sure committees run smoothly. I have previously been involved in many committees including rush and alumni as well. I have loved every moment I have had in this chapter and I plan to make sure that new members continue to feel this way. I am more than excited to work with this talented, and new executive team to keep our chapter legacy. We will accomplish many things and I am looking forward to a great year, Roll Chi, AEKDB.

Grand Treasurer 

Zack Nondorf '21