Executive Committee

Kevin Boes
Grand Master
Initiation Year: Fall 2018
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Great Falls, Montana
Email: kevinboes1@gmail.com
Cell: (406) 836-2416

Hello, my name is Kevin Boes, I am a junior studying Mechanical Engineering, originally from Great Falls, Montana. I am honored to act as the Grand Master this school year. Kappa Sigma stood out to me from the very start as a place to be myself and call home. There is nothing better than experiencing college surrounded by my best friends. I envision a bright future for Chi as we look to continuously improve upon the efforts of those that came before us. I am extremely excited for this opportunity and look forward to developing a F.A.C.E chapter.

Alex Fritton
Grand Procurator
Initiation Year: Fall 2018
Major: Mechanical Engineering Technology
Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
Email: afritton3@gmail.com
Cell: (317) 500-3055

Hello, my name is Alex Fritton, I am from Indianapolis, IN, and I am currently studying Mechanical Engineering Technology. What led me to become a Kappa Sigma was the brotherhood I saw when I first rushed. There were guys that had just been initiated and there were guys who were graduating that semester. I could tell there was a strong bond between everyone and I wanted to be a part of it. I'm really excited this year because I know everyone else on this EC is ready and motivated for the year. We're hoping to hit the ground running and start the year off right. 


Jake Pipp
Grand Master of Ceremonies
Initiation Year: Fall 2018
Major: Accounting
Hometown: South Bend, Indiana
Email: jacobwpipp@gmail.com
Cell: (574) 323-1695

Hi, my name is Jake Pipp and I am a junior studying accounting. I joined Kappa Sigma because of how much I enjoyed the rush atmosphere. I really enjoyed how everyone of different ages, pledge classes, and backgrounds all blended together to form one house. The aspect of everyone being one single house and not a group of people separated by pledge class is what made me enjoy my years in Kappa Sigma so far. When it comes to my chapter goals, I would like to see us be more involved on campus and in the classroom. I also want to bring in a new group of pledges who are eager about the house and ready to jump in and help.

Nikhil Iyer
Grand Scribe
Initiation Year: Spring 2019
Major: Computer Science
Hometown: North Brunswick, New Jersey
Email: nikhilnarendra1999@gmail.com
Cell: (732) 668-7859

Hi, my name is Nikhil Iyer and I am from North Brunswick, New Jersey. I am a senior majoring in Computer Science. I am currently the Grand Scribe for the Chi chapter at Purdue University. I joined Kappa Sigma because it made me feel at home. Every brother made me feel welcome during the recruitment process. I also wanted to get out of my comfort zone and meet new people. Since I joined Kappa Sigma, I have found caring and helping brothers who will always be there for me and vice versa. Being on the Executive committee as the Grand Scribe, I am now in a position where I can make the most impact on the house. I will strive to ensure Chi's members are attending events and also guide the various committee heads under me. I want to give back to the house and make Chi glorious!


Connor Whitley
Grand Treasurer
Initiation Year: Spring 2019
Major: Finance and Supply Chain Information and Analytics
Hometown: South Hampton, New Hampshire
Email: cwhitley131@gmail.com
Cell: (603) 583-6462

Hi, my name is Connor Whitley. I am from South Hampton, New Hampshire and am the treasurer for Kappa Sigma’s Chi Chapter. I am entering my third year at Purdue and am studying finance and supply chain information and analytics. I joined Kappa Sigma because after I toured and met the active members, the Chi Chapter already felt like my home away from home. I realized so many of them had the same drive to do well in academics that I possess while also sharing interests like sports and comedy. I see Kappa Sigma being one of the top performing fraternities on campus again this year. With the executive committee we currently have, I envision Kappa Sigma having one of the highest GPA’s on campus and making a positive impact within Tippecanoe county.