Protest Statement

The brothers of the Chi Chapter of Kappa Sigma Fraternity do not condone the oppression of a group of people based on their beliefs, heritage, or skin color. Our hearts go out to all the families who have had to endure tragedies such as the one that occurred with George Floyd, Breanna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and all the other people who have been victims of police brutality and the centuries of oppression in America. These continual unnecessary killings have left families distraught, at the premature death of loved ones.

Whether you’re black or not, we have black friends, family members, neighbors and their fight is our fight as well. We cannot continue to remain silent at a time like this when our entire country of people is hurting. Compassion and opposition towards the unjust treatment of black people are necessary right now, neutrality only enables the abuse they have endured for far too long.

To help those unable to fight back, we have decided to raise money for the Black Lives Matter foundation, an organization whose mission is to campaign against violence and systematic racism towards African American people. We have attached a link in our bio and ask that you donate to help support this cause.

 If you can’t donate there are many other ways you can be an ally to the black community both at Purdue and throughout America. Voting in your local elections and actively supporting leaders who will listen to the issues of historically marginalized people, raising awareness for such issues and educating yourself or others of the continued injustices which still plague our society today. Participating, educating, and advocating are all simple, but effective ways to help create the change we seek.